White Papers


Datacenter operators everywhere are finding themselves in a space, power, and cooling crunch that using “green” technology can help them to alleviate.  This white paper explores how “green” technology helps datacenters reduce power consumption and costs. Authors: Bruce Baikie & Steve Gaede – 30 pages

ISPConfigGuide-021003a – Internet Service Provider Configuration Guidelines V3 – October 2002

Identification of strategic ISP configuration guidelines and principles that can be applied to many ISP architectures for improved performance.This white paper presents some of the critical approaches that can be used to position ISP infrastructures for performance, scalability, reliability, manageability, security, and flexibility. Authors: Bruce Baikie, Steve Gaede, & Jim Baty – 181 pages

ITPro Hosman Baikie Solar Powered Cloud Computing Datacenters – IT Pro IEEE April 2013

The paper discusses the need to move computing to the edge of the network in developing regions and the importance of renewable energy to power edge computing.  Authors: Dr Laura Hosman & Bruce Baikie – 7 pages